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Dear Panther Families,


Thank you for your quick response and flexibility on Friday, when our busses and some parents were delayed by the accident on Sooke Rd.  We appreciate the offers of help and your problem solving to help our students home.  It was a good reminder that every child needs an emergency contact that lives locally.  Well done, Poirier community!


Check-In and Parent/ Visitor procedure:

Poirier is updating is check-in procedure for students, parents and visitors to meet the standards for other schools in the District and Province.  The main reason is to have the safest environment possible for our students and staff, to know who is in the school at all times and to allow classrooms to function with minimal interruptions.  Most students and families already follow these:



•  Before school, students play in the supervised areas until the bells.

•  Student’s line-up respectfully and quietly with their classmates at the first bell.

•  Children who arrive after the second bell, report to the office to get checked-in.  They will sign their name on a list and receive a yellow checked-in slip to give to their teacher.  These actions communicate to the classroom teacher that the office staff has recorded the child’s attendance.

•  Students will go to their classrooms independently or with the assistance of a staff member/ older student to minimize the interruption to the classroom.

•  Student’s whose class is in a modular report to the office, as well.  We will make sure they find their way to the modular.


Parents/ Visitors:

•  In order to maintain a safe school, all visitors, including parents, must report to the office staff to explain the reason for their visit.

•  If there is a prior arrangement to meet with a staff member, visitors will sign-in and be given a visitor’s pass that must be visible at all times. If you do not have a visitor pass, you will be redirected back to the office.

•  Parents will drop-off and pick-up students from the outside classroom doors, not walk them to the neighbourhood centers.  Students who are arriving later or leaving early, will be coordinated through the office.

•  Students will be paged to the office to talk to their parents, instead of parents going to classrooms.

•  Parents will still be able to help with classroom activities at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  Please check-in the office when you arrive, so that we know you are in the building in an emergency.






Pick up & Drop off

Expectations for picking up and dropping off students at Poirier:

•  The School District painted the No Parking zones in red at Poirier schools last summer. These areas ensure our busses can enter and exit the drop-off zones quickly, efficiently and safely.  We have also established safe crossing areas for all pedestrians in the crosswalks.  Bus drivers have difficulty maneuvering around vehicles parked in red zones and we cannot delay their routes.

•  If you are driving to the school, please ensure you are parked in one of these designated areas:

–   the gravel lot before the traffic circle (there is usually space here, even during busy times)

–   in the middle parking section of the traffic circle

–   in the surrounding neighbourhood

•  All vehicles enter the School Board property from Throup Rd.  Drivers may exit the same way or through Arranwood Drive.  The gate at Arranwood is an exit, only.

Reminders in the student, drop-off area (the middle section of the traffic circle:

•   When the vehicle in front of you stops, do not pass, a child may be exiting the vehicle.

•   The vehicle driver is responsible to ensure it is safe for students to exit their vehicle and that the child walks in the crosswalk area.

•   Pedestrians use the two crosswalks to safely walk across the bus lane.


After school pick-up as smooth as possible:

•  When school dismisses at 2:45 pm, please arrange for their child to be picked up.  It is important to find alternative arrangements (another parent, after-school care program, a babysitter), if you cannot make this time.

•  Establish a location where your children always meet you.  Whether it is the classroom door at the bell or another location, consistency is important.

•  Please ensure your child and classroom teacher know who is allowed to pick them up.  If they aren’t picked-up, they must tell a staff member and go to the office where we will assist them.

•  If you notice another families’ child has not been picked-up, please inform the school staff on supervision or in the office.  It is important the child not leave the school-grounds without their parents and staff being involved.

•  **Occasionally, you may need to rearrange your afterschool pick-up plans for your children.  There are times where the volume of calls to change arrangements, has been overwhelming and very close to the end of the day.  With almost 400 students to care for, we ask that you make these changes before you send your child to school and send a note with to the classroom teacher. If, on the rare occasion, you need to rearrange plans once school is in session, please call the office before 12:00.   We will page your child to the office to receive their message.  Due to many variables, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to communicate with your child, if you leave it until the afternoon.




What happened this week:

Students have settled into their new classes with their new (and sometimes old) friends and teachers.  Everyone is adjusting beautifully to their school schedules, and thank you all for the patience and support helping students adapt!  A couple quick reminders:


What’s happening next week:

  • Monday schools are closed for a Non-Instructional Day.
  • Wednesday we’ll have our first cross country practice – if your grade 2-5 student wants to participate they can get a permission form in the office.
  • Thursday is Poirier’s Meet the Teacher night from 5:45-6:45. (This is a quick get to
  • Friday will be the Terry Fox run at school, as well as, another cross country practice at lunch.


Upcoming events:

Monday, September 17th – Schools closed for a Non-Instructional Day

Wednesday, September 18th – The first of many Cross country practices at lunch recess – remind your runner to listen for the announcement!

Thursday, September 20th – Meet the Teacher Night 5:45-6:45pm

Friday, September 21st – Terry Fox run

Tuesday, September 25th – Mayor Tait is coming in to read to our Grade 4’s and 5’s

Wednesday, September 26th – Cross Country meet at Juan de Fuca Rec Centre

Friday, September 28th – Orange shirt day, and Green Thumb Performance



A quick reminder that our new kindergarten students won’t start until Friday, September 7th.  They will start with half days, starting in the morning or afternoon depending on which group they’ve been temporarily assigned to.  Their first full day of kindergarten is Wednesday, September 12th.

 For families who registered before June, if you haven’t yet received a schedule, please contact our office by phone at 250-642-0500 or by emailing ascott@sd62.bc.ca.  Families who registered after the end of June, thank you for your patience.  We are emailing schedules out by the end of the day, today.  


September 2, 2018

Dear École Poirier Families,

We are eager to welcome you back to École Poirier for the start of the 2018-19 school year!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
8:50 – 11:45
Returning students to their last year’s classroom doors
New and not registered – please go to the office
New and registered – wait outside, at the bell go to the gym
Please treat the school this week as a nut-free school – due to new students we will be welcoming to our school we hope everyone can send nut-free snacks to school for the first bit, until we have a chance to decide who will be permanently placed in what class.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
8:50 – 2:45
Students return to classrooms they were in on Tuesday, September 4th.

Construction Update:
Crews have been working on a variety of projects at the school and we are excited for you to see the progress. The school has had our boiler replaced and a new roof installed. The two projects that most directly affect our students are the replacement of the field and the installation of new playground equipment.

The Field
The field has had new drainage and sprinklers installed, fill replaced and is now seeded. There is a new retaining wall and an assisted access ramp beside the main staircase. All of this area is closed while the grass grows and the crews install railings and finishing touches. We will not be able to use the field until the experts are confident the grass has established strong roots. The last stage, the excavation of the slope between the staircase and the portables, will start during the first week of September. Here we will see a new retaining wall to stop the erosion of the bank.

We are ready to install the new playground when the equipment arrives. This area is also fenced off at the present time. We hope to open the new playground equipment by the end of September. It will be incredibly exciting to see the installation completed.

The safety of our students is our first priority. School staff will be walking our students around the campus to show them where they may play and to see the new improvements. School staff have devised a plan for safe, supervised play areas, during recess and lunch, that do not interfere with the construction zones.
Our students will be able to play in:
• the forest area above the field
• around the portables
• the blacktop area beside the gym
• in front of the school
• * the traffic circle will be open for students at recess and lunch (Similar to our Jump Rope for Heart Event, the gates will be closed and cars removed from the area from 10:25-10:45 and 12:10-1:10 each day.)

The construction (fenced) areas are out of bounds for everyone. Students and visitors to the campus are not to enter into these areas. Thank you for your support by not entering these areas when you visit the school.

We look forward to working with you this year!


New to the area? 

Please visit the school district website at http://www.sd62.bc.ca/parents/registration/ to register your student.

If you’re new to the area but moved from elsewhere in school district 62 please use the “School Change Request Form” rather than registering your student again.

Need the bus?  

Please visit http://www.sd62.bc.ca/about-sd62/transportation/ for instructions.

School Calendars and Supply Lists Below

For School Supplies please see the lists below.

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Please click on the link for an article on how to ease your child’s worries about starting or returning to school.