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2022 – 2023 Ecole Poirier PAC Executives

President – Jen Temple   email:  pacecolepoirier@gmail.com
Vice President – Amanda Smith email:  ep.pac.vp@gmail.com
Treasurer – Karen Anderson email: ep.pac.treasurer@gmail.com

Secretary and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator:  Jannine Rossi email:  j9rossi@yahoo.com
Fundraising Coordinator: Amy Flannigan email:  ep.pac.fundraising@gmail.com
SPEAC Rep – Farhad Pakandam email:  farpak1@gmail.com

Hot Lunch Coordinator – Amanda Smith email: EP.PAC.HotLunches@gmail.com

Communications Coordinator – Kristen Booth email: k.booth412@gmail.com

Members at Large – Caylee Klem email: cayleeklem@gmail.com

Lindsey Keats email:  keatslindsey@gmail.com

The Ecole Poirier Elementary School Parent Advisory Council
Email:  pacecolepoirier@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/188369854598991/