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Principal – Ms. Tess Vally tvally@sd2.bc.ca

Vice-Principal – Ms. Grania Bridal gbridal@sd62.bc.ca

Secretary –  Kelly Stone keaston@sd62.bc.ca

Division 1 – Ms. Ridewood lridewood@sd62.bc.ca

Division 2 -Mme Hait chait@sd62.bc.ca

Division 3 -Ms. Wood rwood@sd62.bc.ca

Division 4 -Mme Dailey jdailey@sd62.bc.ca

Division 5 – Mme Gates lgates@sd62.bc.ca

Division 6 -Mme Taylor ktaylor@sd62.bc.ca

Division 7 -Ms. Lineham and Ms. Murphy klineham@sd62.bc.ca jmurphy@sd62.bc.ca

Division 8 -Ms. Green and Ms. Murphy jmurphy@sd62.bc.ca kgreen@sd62.bc.ca

Division 9 -Mme Kristansen tkristansen@sd62.bc.ca

Division 10 -Mme Decyk and Mme Mclauchlin kdecyk@sd62.bc.ca kmclauchlon@sd62.bc.ca

Division 11 -Mme Adsett cadsett@sd62.bc.ca

Division 12 -Ms. Mcneil kmcneil@sd62.bc.ca

Division 13 -Ms. Zinkowski kzinkowski@sd62.bc.ca

Division 14 -Mme Ralph-Bruce eralph-bruce

Division 15 – Mme Pyper epyper@sd62.bc.ca

Division 16 -Mme Brinston abrinston@sd62.bc.ca

Division 17 -Ms. Miller smiller@sd62.bc.ca

Division 18 – Mme Beattie kbeattie@sd62.bc.ca

Division 19 – Mme Robertson and Mme Tremblay crobertson@sd62.bc.ca ktremblay@sd62.bc.ca

Support Teachers –

Ms. Gronow lgronow@sd62.bc.ca

Ms. Neilson rneilson@sd62.bc.ca

Fine Arts

Mme Arts sarts@sd62.bc.ca

Mr. Parsons kparsons@sd62.bc.ca

Counsellor -Ms. Campbell chcampbell@sd62.bc.ca

Librarian -Ms. Powers spowers@sd62.bc.ca

Educational Assistant – Ms. Bonin, Ms. Fenton, Ms. Lajeunesse, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Linde, Ms. Medema, Ms. Radatzke, Ms. Roberts, Ms. Robin, Ms. Steele, Ms. Stepner, Ms. Wallis

Early Childhood Educator – Ms. Yates

Aboriginal Cultural Classroom Support  – Ms. Farmer

 Student Engagement Facilitator – Ms. Ouellette

Custodian –Ms. Swystun, Mr. Larry

Librarian Assistant –Ms. Peltomaki-Kelley