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May 28, 2021

Dear Guardians and Parents,

Amazingly, this is the last week in May. Next Tuesday Mme Adsett’s and Ms. Kristiansen/Ms. Bakker’s class have wheels afternoon from 1:40-2:30. On Wednesday Mme Hait’s and Mme Dailey’s classes will have a wheels afternoon and on Thursday it will be wheels afternoon for Ms. Bridal/Ms. Power’s and Ms. Ridewood’s classes. Friday will have Mme Yarrow’s and Mme Gate’s classes heading for a neighbourhood walk and Ms. Bridal/Ms. Power’s class heading to Little River. Classes are taking advantage of the outdoors and providing many learning activities for our Panthers. 

Dates to Note:

June 18, Friday Grade 5s Visit to Journey 

June 22, 23, 24 Cohort Fun Days

June 25, Friday Grade 5 Lunch Celebration

June 29, Tuesday Last Day of School for Panthers

Have a wonderful weekend with your family. 

Tess Vally