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February 1, 2019

Dear Panther Families,

What a community we have, and readers too!  Thank you to our families for making our Read-A-Thon a huge success and helping our school library. Pledge forms are still coming in but our last count was over $1200!

As we enter a new month, we will share with you the meaning and teachings associated with each of the Saanich Moons.  We thank Tricia Cooper, our Aboriginal Classroom Program Assistant, for this information.

WEXES – Moon of the Frog

February – March

Mother Earth is slowly warming up and the hibernating frogs are waking up from their winter sleep. As they wake, they announce the arrival of Spring and the Sacred Season of Plenty.

This moon was also a signal that it was safe to put the canoes back in the water and to start the herring fishery. Herring were caught in reef nets and later dried, which was considered a delicacy. Cedar boughs would be placed in the water close to the shore so that the herring could lay their roe on them, and the roe were also eaten.

The arrival of the frog was a sign to end the activities of the Winter ceremonial dances and to move outdoors to prepare for the season and await the return of the Salmon People.

Things to think about:

  • What signals does nature give us to start or end things?
  • In what ways do you and your family prepare for Spring?


As the Keeper of the Sacred Season, the frog is often seen on totem poles and in artwork to mark important events.


Your feedback is wanted: Draft SD62 calendars for 2019-2022

The school district has posted draft calendars for the next three years. Please provide any feedback you might have to info@sd62.bc.ca. Feedback will be open until Friday, February 22, 2019. The SD62 Board of Education must submit a Board-approved calendar to the government by the end of March.


Check out the calendars here: http://www.sd62.bc.ca/schools/calendar/


In the Community

Ready, Set, Read!

Join us for pre-bedtime fun!  We will be enjoying snacks, and listening to a few delightful stories and songs.  This FREE evening is for children ages 0-5 and their parent/caregivers.  Running shoes suggested. Wear pajamas if you would like!

Important Dates

February 15th – Non-instructional Day

February 18th – Family Day