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What happened this week:

This week we practiced a Hold & Secure drill.  During the drill the doors of the classrooms were locked, attendance was taken and lessons or activities resumed.   A Hold & Secure is most commonly used when we would like to keep our students away from something happening on the school property or in the neighboring community.  Examples of this include a bear in the area, a serious car accident, a police incident nearby or downed trees on power lines. This procedure allows school activities to continue as normal during the outside disruption and until the threat is cleared. We were very pleased with how well our students and staff handled this drill on Wednesday!

Some teachers have handed out reports (others will be going out next week) and we held our Parent/Teacher Conferences or Student Led Interviews Thursday – thank you to everyone who was able to attend!  Friday divisions 8 and 9 enjoyed a field trip to Seaparc for some skating.


What’s happening next week:

Monday evening our choir students will join others at the Sooke Sing Out at EMCS.  Please see the information on our Poirier website.

If your student’s teacher chose this week to send report cards home they should arrive Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday will be busy – we have a Jump Rope Assembly at 11, Division 7 going skating in the afternoon, and several of our Peer Helpers are off to Ayre Manor to volunteer their time!

Thursday, Division 10 and 11 are off to tour the Sooke Community and Fire Halls.

Friday, Division 2 and 4 are off to Seaparc to take advantage of some skating before the season is over, and Divisions 14 and 16 will be off to Charters Creek to release the salmon fry they’ve been raising in class.


A look ahead:

Monday, March 12th – Poirier Choir students join the Sing Out at EMCS in the evening.

Tuesday, March 13th – Remaining report cards are sent home

Wednesday, March 14th – Jump Rope for Heart Assembly, and Division 7 goes skating

Thursday, March 15th – Division 10 and 11 touring Sooke Community and Fire Halls

Friday, March 16th – Division 2 and 4 are skating, and Divisions 14 and 16 are off to Charters Creek

Monday, March 19th – Monday, April 2nd – schools are closed for Spring Break, Good Friday and Easter Monday

Tuesday, April 3rd – schools reopen



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